Latest Marketing Topics

Marketing is important when we run a business. Let’s look at it from a bit different perspective – as a customer and economics. Below you can find my latest posts about Marketing.

How to distinguish my brand on Social Media in handmade business? How to sell on Social Media?
What are Facebook groups for? How to build your personal brand with them? How to sell handmade products on them?
Why is SEO important when I create my product descriptions? How can I improve the searches of my products on the Internet?
Do promotions make sense in handicrafts? When should I make promotions on my handmade products?
How to create a premium handmade brand? How to be consistent? How to choose the right values?
How can I sell if I don't like to push people to buy? Why people don't buy from me when I try to sell them something?
How to make good use of FB groups? Why is it worth to follow other craftsmen?
How to make exceptional customer service? How to surprise your customer so he recommends you further?

What will you find here?


Different handmade business related topics in one place.


You can participate in our surveys so we see how the market develops.


You get access to our webinars with different specialist about European market and business.


Other possibilities to get support on your business plan in a friendly environment!

Other Latest Topics

Good business plan is important if you look long-term at your handcrafts business! Here you can find also many inspirations on how to make it, what to take into consideration and where to find more opportunities!

What is important when I start a business? How to write my terms and policies? What intelectual property laws should I observe?
What if I need a break from my business? How to handle the rutine? How to make a good plan for my business?
How does perfectionism block us from action? Where can we find the balance between planning and perfection?
How to make a consistent pricing strategy? Why coupons or free delivery are different than promotions? What your price say about your product.
How to calculate the product price? How to use promotions without losses? Should I really make promotions on my handmade products?
How to sell handmade products in crisis? Should I fight with a price in crisis? What to do to continue selling handmade in crisis times?

Why HANDIEU for handcrafters?

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As one of the key values of HANDIEU we are constantly working on improving our work. Making a successful business is a process and together with a community and experts it is so much easier and nicer! 🙂

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You run a small business but would like to sell also abroad? The best option to start is your own country, then continent. With HANDIEU you can reach European market only and don’t risk selling overseas!

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Join our community on FB Group, meet us online and make yourself known around Europe! You are building your personal brand in handcrafts by connecting and interacting with others!

About me and HANDIEU vision

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I am Aga Marecka, the person behind the HANDIEU project. I want to share with you what I have learned though my career working for premium brands but also go together with you on a journey to build our businesses. I believe that when people cooperate can make greater things and so even though each of us is mostly a sole entrepreneur we can benefit from team work and scale effect if we join our forces!

This blog is dedicated to handcrafters who want to succeed on handmade market but also think long-term about their business. My mission is to share inspirations about entrepreneurship, catching occasions, looking for unusual ideas and cooperations!

Let’s think further than what is now and let’s take care about our future, together!