I am Aga Marecka, the person behind the HANDIEU project. I want to share with you what I have learned though all my life but also go together with you on a journey to build our businesses. I believe that when people cooperate can make greater things and so even though each of us is mostly a sole entrepreneur we can benefit from team work and scale effect if we join our forces!

This blog is dedicated to handcrafters who want to succeed on handmade market but also think long-term about their business. My mission is to teach also entrepreneurship, catching occasions, looking for unusual ideas and cooperations! Let’s think further than what is now and let’s take care about our future, together!

I come from Poland and since 2017 I live in Belgium, next to the Luxembourgish border. For past 2 years, I have been unemployed – first I needed a break due to my health problems and then I have got pregnant. It was clear that my career will be somehow broken and it won’t be easy to get a job. I understood though that I will need to take control over my life and make my own business one day. I started from using that time to study even more and be prepared when the time comes.

Before coming to Belgium I also studied a lot – International Business, Tourism and Recreation, Management in Human Resources and Transport and Logistics. The same for languages – before coming here I have learned English, German and a bit of both – Spanish and Portuguese. Then here in Belgium, I have started also French 🙂

I was always fascinated by people and that has led me here – to make a business focused on small handcrafts businesses. I was going to open this small business myself but what I was missing from my perspective, was e.g. team work.

And therefore, I understand well what you may be facing now – if you are a stay-at-home parent, a person with disability, an imigrant or someone who has just lost his job. But from this moment that you enter the project, join our group, read this blog, you are not alone in your business, even though you are still its’ boss! Cooperation is a great thing! It is so much better that working alone.

I have started from a Facebook group in July 2020 – European Handmade Crafters and that is where people encouraged me to start a blog with my tips in a more comformtable way 🙂 If you are not yet with us there you are welcome to join our team, share your experience, look for support and special requests from our customers 🙂

I have also launched the European platform HANDIEU and this blog is a part of this project. But there is so much more behind to develop – so let’s stay together on it! And if you want to help us and be one of our contributors – please feel free to shop on this blog 🙂 It will be nice to me to feel that someone also appreciates my work!

Join us and let’s make it TOGETHER!