How to make exceptional customer service? How to surprise your customer so he recommends you further?
Should I also try social media "networking" to gain likes and comments?
What to do to have a successful shop on handcrafts marketplace? What should I prepare before opening a shop on sales platform?
What should I take into consideration when I calculate free delivery? Why is it important to set free shipping as a promotion?
How to calculate the product price? How to use promotions without losses? Should I really make promotions on my handmade products?
How to sell handmade products in crisis? Should I fight with a price in crisis? What to do to continue selling handmade in crisis times?
How to sell safely on Internet or social media? What should be a warning in emails/messages exchange? What are the threats on Internet sales?
How local cooperation can complement my online activities? Why it is important to cooperate also locally?
How can I convince the customer to buy from me? Why should I write my own story?
How to use the right phases to attract the customers? What should I avoid when preparing the product description? How to communicate to clients in handicrafts business?
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