How to distinguish my brand on Social Media in handmade business? How to sell on Social Media?
What is important when I start a business? How to write my terms and policies? What intelectual property laws should I observe?
What if I need a break from my business? How to handle the rutine? How to make a good plan for my business?
What are Facebook groups for? How to build your personal brand with them? How to sell handmade products on them?
How does perfectionism block us from action? Where can we find the balance between planning and perfection?
Why is SEO important when I create my product descriptions? How can I improve the searches of my products on the Internet?
“In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  […]
Xuxa Handmade is a brand created originally by two friends - Zuza and Anna. For the moment Anna had to step back a bit but Zuza is moving the project forward creating new pieces and trying new things on social media as well!
Do you want your HANDIEU store to be even more transparent and orderly, and your customers can easily […]
How to create a simple product on HANDIEU? What functions are there on HANDIEU?
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