How to make a consistent pricing strategy? Why coupons or free delivery are different than promotions? What your price say about your product.
How to calculate the product price? How to use promotions without losses? Should I really make promotions on my handmade products?
How to sell handmade products in crisis? Should I fight with a price in crisis? What to do to continue selling handmade in crisis times?
Should I sell my handmade products on social media, on some other platforms or though my own shop? When should I diversify my sales channels? What is a difference in sales and promotion channels?
Why is it important to define your goals? How should I choose objectives for my handmade company?
Why should I have my company's values? How should I choose my values? Where should I look for inspirations for my key values?
Why do I need Terms of Transaction for my shop? How should I prepare my Terms and Policies?
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