Why is SEO important when I create my product descriptions? How can I improve the searches of my products on the Internet?
Do promotions make sense in handicrafts? When should I make promotions on my handmade products?
How can I sell if I don't like to push people to buy? Why people don't buy from me when I try to sell them something?
How to make exceptional customer service? How to surprise your customer so he recommends you further?
Do you want to have good promotion photos? What kind of photos will encourage customers to buy from you?
What should I take into consideration when I calculate free delivery? Why is it important to set free shipping as a promotion?
How local cooperation can complement my online activities? Why it is important to cooperate also locally?
How can I convince the customer to buy from me? Why should I write my own story?
How to use the right phases to attract the customers? What should I avoid when preparing the product description? How to communicate to clients in handicrafts business?
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