“In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

Paweł is a professional designer and manufacturer of men’s leather products. His story with handicraft began with observing his grandfather’s work. You can read his full story on HANDIEU here.

And here I would like to introduce his work as a great example of a brand that is on it’s way to a success. Why?

First example

Professional presentation of his products is the first thing that comes to my mind. I am impressed myself, as I am not great in taking photos 🙂 But his are made beautifully! You look at them and you simply want to buy 🙂

But it is not only about the picture itself – it is also about the types of pictures. The first main photo shows the product. Later you go into other pictures and you see how it looks like from different edges, open or closed and comparing to a person’s hand. So a customer has a clear picture of product’s dimentions and its’ “interior” part.

Simple and beautiful. Presented with hands helps a customer to feel the size of it and decide.

Second example

Paweł impressed me with his good understanding of his customer’s and recipient’s needs. There is no secret that wallets or belts are the favourite gift for men but he has used this to create even better experience to them! I received the belt in a great wooden box with a leather label – ready to be offered to a men as a present! And in fact the box itself could serve for other purposes as well.

Third example

Paweł also proofs to everyone that simple and elegant means more that trying too much of everything. His brand image is clear, polished and definately premium!

The mentioned belt – again presented professionally. But the best surprise was actually a packaging – wooden box ready to be offered as a gift.

Fourth example

What else Paweł impresses me with? It is his open mind and business approach! Yes, it is not clear and obvious to everyone. He could easily work on his project further and probably make “his salary” out of it. But he knows that it makes more sense to go for new channels and catch new opportunities! Including HANDIEU where he has already gained new customers from and the recommendations are still spreading 🙂

Recently I have asked you on our group about the inquiry that I have got from some Luxembourgish company about elegant boxes for their employees. And there was Paweł first one to answer my request – in fact prepared two proposals. Taking new challenges and trying new directions is a great entreprising spirit, so important when you seriously think about your business!

What lessons to learn from Paweł’s story?

  1. Remember that the first impression matters the most – take good care about your pictures and the whole presentation. First step will be harder, but once you repeat the style it will be easier 🙂
  2. Understand your recipients and customers and use it to your adventage. Surprise them with it!
  3. You don’t need to look for extraordinary solutions to make your unique premium brand – you can keep it simple and sophisticated!
  4. Open yourself to new opportunities and chances! You never know which one will open you the door to develop your business wider.

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Check more of his creations on HANDIEU!


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