Are you passionate about handicrafts and have you decided to make money on it? Or maybe you already sell your products online but are not doing well? In online sales, photos play the first fiddle! The better you present your product and show its quality, the faster and more you will sell. Here are 5 helpful tips to start taking good photos and charm your customers. Let’s start!

Light, light and more lighting!

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR for photography, lighting is the most important thing when it comes to photos of your products. Try to use only daylight, natural light. Start by finding the best place in your space. You will usually find such a place close to the window. Sometimes it is worth rearranging the furniture a bit to set the right frame. If too much glare is shining through the window, try to soften it with a transparent fabric placed on the window frame. I like to use a white scarf made of delicate, airy fabric or in the professional version – a reflector to diffuse the light. Harsh light creates strong shadows, which we want to avoid.

Clean, bright background

Your background should be clean, bright and non-distracting. You want your customer to see your product at its best and in all its glory. Too motley, with lots of patterns and colors, the background may discourage or even confuse the customer. It is not known what to look at and which element is the most important. Because:

Use a white or light gray background. You can use a large card stock or a white table for this purpose. However, if you want to use some texture, try: white-gray marble or wooden planks. Sounds like you have to spend a fortune now? Don’t worry, you can buy such a background in a DIY store in the furniture veneer section. An expense of a few euros.
Keep it simple – the fewer objects in the frame, the better.

Photo by Natalianna
Photo by XUXA handmade

It is worth having at least one photo of the product in use. For example, if you’re selling earrings – take a picture of them on your ear, and if you’re macrame – try to capture a frame in the interior, if you make clothes – show them on a person.

Photo by Miikado
Photo by Bekoffee

Use a contrasting background

There are times when a white background is not the best option – usually if your product itself is mostly white or very bright. If you sell posters, pictures, invitations, mugs, etc., using a contrasting background can make your product stand out.

When you want to emphasize that your product is luxurious, use a black background and mirror image for this purpose. Most often, such a procedure is performed when selling watches or jewelry. For example, a black background and gold earrings hung on a champagne glass.

“Good product photography is expected not only from big brands.”

Show details of your products

The purpose of the product images is to give your customers an experience as close as possible to touching and feeling the product in a brick-and-mortar store. For this purpose, it is worth allowing buyers to see the patterns or texture of the material up close. Photographing every detail will help show the quality of your products. Not sure what these details might be? For example, pay attention to what buyers ask you before buying.

Don’t use filters!

In product photography, your photos should only show true colors.
Applying a filter to your photos will distort the colors and give you a false expectation of your product. The customer may feel disappointed and even cheated. Instead, try to stick to natural lighting and limit yourself to lightening or darkening the photo when editing.
And a bonus point.

Develop your own photo style

By using consistent lighting, colors and consistent editing, you will create your own style that will make your brand memorable to buyers. Finding your own style is a process, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Photo by Coura Gemme

Hope these 5 tips (plus bonus) on how to take photos of the products they sell will help you on your product photography adventure. I keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

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