Treat my articles as inspiration. Think about how my suggestions might work in your context. The handicraft market is very wide. My observations are generalized and will not necessarily be right in every case.

We compare ourselves to our competition, because this is what business is all about – you have to observe what others are doing, estimate your chances of standing out, check your business idea. But I have heard more than once how hard it is to stand out, when someone has such cool products and a brand, or that everyone has the same. I experience it myself, because I am not entering a market where there is no competition. It is huge. So how to convince yourself that the competition is in our favor and we have a chance for success?

First of all, the market is huge and I believe that everyone can find a place for themselves. So don’t think about them as someone “stealing your market share”. They also like to have a choice and the ability to decide which product or service will suit them best. Everyone is different and will have slightly different preferences. You have to try to catch it, define what distinguishes us and emphasize it in your communication. Besides, you also have limited processing capacity. After all, you won’t be able to produce on a mass scale. All the more you should focus on a smaller group of customers.

In addition, nowadays the product itself is not everything, because there are many similar products. What distinguishes some brands from the crowd is the history and the man behind it. I asked you to tell your stories for this very reason – I am going to promote you in my activities as well. Maybe now, knowing my message, you will be tempted and try to tell something about yourself to give your products a soul ?. Because that’s how it looks a bit. Often the client, knowing what kind of person is behind a given work, is more likely to decide on it, because he will identify with it somehow or evoke some positive emotions in him.

I also told you my story (part of it so far). I wanted you to know me and my values based on my experiences. After all, you don’t know me personally, we don’t seem to have mutual friends, but ultimately you are to trust me. Same with your clients. Getting to know your story, they have to find out that they want to buy from you.

You have the huge advantage that the greatest distinguishing feature of the handmade industry is the man behind the product. This gives a huge field to attract customers with your story. Customers want to know who makes such a product, because that’s exactly what handicraft is about! They know that by buying from you, they support your business. They want to support the person who convinced them and whom they will be happy to recommend further.

However, remember that it should be yours, authentic and not over-configured for marketing purposes. If there is any inconsistent element, some lie or exaggeration, clients will notice it sooner or later and it may turn to your disadvantage.

Some girl told me not so long ago that she doesn’t like sharing her private matters and prefers her products to speak for themselves. And it’s wonderful if you have a product that is unique enough to achieve this effect. But from what I can see, many products, although handcrafted, are similar from the customer’s perspective. Let’s face it, in the age of the Internet, many people are inspired by other works or what is in stores, and the entire industry suffers from it – I have heard such opinions many times from the handicrafts themselves. Then it’s hard to find something that really makes us different. A basic feature unique to each of you is your own story and there is nothing wrong with showing the human face of your products! I believe that it is expected in this industry.

Of course, writing your story in an interesting way is a challenge. I wrote my own a few times before I decided to post something (which is why it took me a while). I am not a specialist in the so-called “Storytelling”, so I will not develop this topic further, but I give you another source of inspiration to look for interesting tips on the Internet on how to do it even better (each in your own language).

Also remember that everything has to complement your previous improvements and business plan. Writing a story may not be enough if you don’t prepare other aspects as well.

I’m leaving you with another dose of inspiration and waiting for your stories in the group!

Have a beautiful day,


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