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I found that I would bring together a few points that I have already discussed and develop the topic of de facto pre-sale customer service. Some of you sell through various direct channels (social media, stands, or through friends) and it seems very important, although on sales platforms such service will probably be limited only to possible customer inquiries about your product.

I have had a lot of conversations with you recently and this topic has actually appeared a lot – directly or indirectly. Some of you have a problem with selling because you don’t feel comfortable presenting your product or talking about its price. You feel as if you are “pushing” something beyond your comfort zone. On the other hand, we have people who can sell themselves all the time and do it even aggressively. As a result, even producing an opposite effect.

For example, while checking the market some time ago, I wrote a message or a comment to a few people on Facebook in which I praised their product. I didn’t say I was going to buy, I didn’t ask for the price – I was mean by that, sorry … I just wrote that they were doing a great job and their creation looks great. It’s amazing how different answers I got … From the obvious “thank you”, sometimes someone developed the topic and asked where I found him (bravo, because you can understand where your customers are from ?), to the direct “do you want to buy ??” and “see, I still have this and that if you want” with a lot of photos sent to my Messenger...

I understand that you are often under pressure and you want to sell quickly, but such responses as the latter will only have the opposite effect … I mean, maybe some people have no problem with being “straightforward”, but I think most of them will treat it as an aggressive sale and will simply cut off the contact, which on FB is quite easy.

P.S. Yes, I finally bought products from nice people, without mentioning my platform then 🙂

Another thing, if you decide to sell directly due to costs (because this is usually the one on social media), you have to take into account the response to customer messages. This is time – time that you could probably devote to creating and designing instead… I have the impression that some handcrafters still do not see or calculate the time spent on other “business-related” activities, and then they burn out quickly because they are not able to control everything.

And yes, this is also one of the reasons why I believe in the sense of having a sales platform like HANDIEU. Thanks to this, we limit our contact with the client to the necessary minimum, but above all, we do not have to fight with ourselves – whether to learn how to sell or not to sell too aggressively…

But how to sell to potential clients in real life? ?

Do not force anything – on yourself or others. This golden rule seems to me to be the simplest and most effective. The more we put pressure on someone, the more we’ll have the opposite effect. So let’s never expect a sale and let’s not talk about it!

Are you meeting someone who could be a potential customer? Ask him what he does – direct your attention to him, ask him. At some point, the person will ask you about what you are doing and it will be natural that you tell about your business. But still, without any purchase suggestions! It is very important that a potential customer can think for himself whether he wants to buy from you or recommend you to someone – out of his free will, because he likes you. And it often happens that he will come back to you in some time, or someone on the recommendation will come later. But this is how you build your brand of a person and a creator – step by step. Expecting results immediately, we can easily get discouraged. I think it is also a matter of such times. We have everything in stock, even if we order something online, it arrives the next day. And just like your customers, they have to wait a while for their products from you, so when building our businesses and brands, we also have to be patient 🙂

So whether you are shy or very direct there is one simple solution – be open to people, focus on them and the positive energy will come back to you with new orders 🙂

Have a nice day!


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