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I’m coming back to you today with the topic of customer service. As I wrote recently, the most valuable customer is the one from recommendation! Someone somewhere heard something, recommended it and such a person who will come to you by recommendation has certainly heard a lot of good. However, it is not an easy effect to achieve…

As a rule, people are more likely to complain than praise, and the same applies when it comes to shopping. One dissatisfied customer will tell more people about his bad experience than the satisfied one. Therefore, focusing on satisfaction, and even customer delight, is crucial here.

So how do you impress your client?

1. Outstanding product

The first is obviously the product you create. I assume that you attach great importance to its quality from the very beginning, you try to make it unique, beautiful and creative. This is the perfect base. However, the product itself may not be enough for the customer to recommend you further. Why?

2. Customer service

Customer service has been growing in importance for a long time. It has basically become an inseparable element of the offer. You can probably see it when you buy in any store, if you are asked if you should advise or help with something. Likewise, your client may not be completely convinced of his choice, but it is always good to make sure and ask questions, or meet his expectations when ordering a more complicated order.

I know of cases where the product was absolutely unique, but the entire experience of the customer talking to the seller was so “difficult” that the customer did not recommend the person. He even complained about the low level of personal culture … Unfortunately, if we do not take care of the client, we will not show him that he is important to us, even the best product will not defend itself.

As a very empathetic person, I always try to explain one or another behavior of people around me. We are all only human. Sometimes we have a worse day, someone pisses us off, something unpleasant happens, or we just respond quickly to the client because we are in a rush. Ultimately, he may “get the impression” that we do not care, even though it is not our intention or the aforementioned lack of culture. So let’s try to separate our emotions from the business as much as possible. It’s not easy, it doesn’t always work out, but it’s worth working on ?

Why do some companies accept complaints, even though they do not have to, when the provisions of the conditions do not indicate it? Because they know that a resentful customer can do them more harm than this one return. And sometimes it is worth considering whether it makes sense to argue and stand by your own, when the client (even if wrong) can destroy our long-developed image.

3. Additional product-related things

In addition to such activities, it is also worth surprising your client with something he would not expect. Many of you already use methods such as adding a thank you card, a discount for your next purchase / recommendation, an extraordinary tag with your logo, product instructions or some small free gift. And these are all fantastic ideas, thanks to which even if the client is not entirely satisfied, he will most likely not externalize it as much, because he will see that you tried to exceed his expectations, and you also took care of other product-related details ? Remember that when you start with adding freebies, the next people you will be recommended to will also expect it!

In the case of international customers, you can surprise even more, for example by adding a handwritten thank you note in the customer’s language. Even if we do not know the language, simple automatic translation will probably not be a problem and the client will appreciate your efforts.

I have seen many interesting ideas to surprise the client, but I would not like to guide you too much. On the one hand, respecting the inventiveness of other people, on the other, giving you a chance to find your own way to “pamper” the customer, and on the third, knowing that each product may have a different better solution, which will not always work… And the satisfaction that you made your own idea work will be even greater 😀

Also, as a standard, I leave you with a certain dose of inspiration for your business! ?

Let’s get back to action and let me know the effects! 😀

Have a great day!


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