Treat my articles as inspiration. Think about how my suggestions might work in your context. The handicraft market is very wide. My observations are generalized and will not necessarily be true in every case.

Today I am coming back to you with the topic of promotion in handicraft. We recently launched the platform and I can see that most people carefully read my previous articles, such as the one about free shipping, in which I already referred to the topic of promotion a bit – after all, free shipping is also a kind of promotion ?

However, I realize that when new people come, especially beginners, on whom I put the greatest emphasis in the end, we will have to further educate ourselves on these topics. Although the packages created at HANDIEU give you equal chances to start, so that you do NOT compete with each other in terms of quantity or prices and quality and design, it is not clear to everyone. This is probably due to the habit on other platforms or in general comparing with “standard” products and mass stores. So let me remind you again – this is not your benchmark!

In the previous article, I wrote about creating a premium brand. And this topic of promotion is its development. Because if you create such a brand, everything should be consistent in it!

Trying to convince a premium customer to buy through promotions does not make sense for several reasons:

  • Premium customer appreciates the unique qualities of your creations and knows that they will cost more than their store equivalents.
  • He also knows that these are the hours of your work or the effect of your creativity that should be appreciated.
  • A premium customer values ​​himself, so he buys more expensive but better things. And he also thinks it’s worth paying more to the person who created them – he appreciates you!
  • He also enjoys supporting your smaller business!

Giving a discount message on your product makes the customer think:

  • is this product really handcrafted by this person or, for example, imported from China? …
  • is this product really unique?…
  • do you think I am an idiot and I will go for your product because you made it “On Sale”?…
  • are your clients satisfied, if you go to such a drastic “fight” for any client?…
  • are you not “cheating” in your valuation of your own work?…
  • don’t you appreciate your own work and yourself?…

And of course, there are not so many premium customers. When they are, they are not necessarily as loud as those who are very price sensitive and would like to get everything for free. But don’t listen to such people (I’m not really going to use the word customer here, because they probably won’t buy from you anyway)! Focus on pampering the few people who appreciate you and also feel better themselves knowing that they contribute to your development.

There is however a case when I see that it would make sense to make a kind of promotion – when a customer buys more at once from you or he returns or he recommends you further. For this reason, you have coupons available on HANDIEU. And you can either notify customers when they buy (in Short Description) about the coupon conditions or send them with their first order a coupon for their next purchase 🙂 The possibilities are actually endless but try to find your best solution and experiment a bit. Coupons should more of an appreciation to the customer and not a trigger to buy at all!

Summarizing the topic a bit, even if you operate in the area of ​​handicraft, which has a lot of competition – do not fight with price but quality and idea! Look for inspiration to create something different, from different products, or even by focusing on one but absolutely unique. Selling products that you only have in one copy is also a solution that allows you to increase the price. Then the client knows that NOBODY will have something identical, he will pay more for it!

And I urge you to think again about your ideal client, which I wrote about here. Search for it in the right places, sometimes not obvious at first glance. Use here also local collaborations, which I wrote about in this article. There are many options, but you have to stop for a moment and think carefully about everything ?

I wish you fruitful planning! 😀


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