First, for those who are not familiar with HANDIEU concept I recommend to watch a video:

On the video, you can see that HANDIEU is more than just a shop – it is more about bringing all European handcrafters together to bring them a scale effect, looking at them as people with different stories behind. HANDIEU is focused on smaller shops and beginning businesses to give them a chance to validate their projects and learn more about running a business.

And this blog was actually one of the first steps on the way to build HANDIEU. Why? So everyone can get prepared ahead, even if you are just beginning!

Giving similar chances to everyone, no matter how far you are at the moment with your business development, I have created a strategy of equal start to everyone, meaning:

  • There is only one Starter plan for everyone who wants to join which is FREE, there are NO listing fees or monthly subscriptions. You only pay 10% commission if you sell something.
  • In this Starter plan everyone gets only 10 products to be visible at a time. This way you compete with design and quality and not quantities. Also bigger shops entering the marketplace can’t fill it in seconds with their range of products. Everyone will try to make their products in variations, avoiding annoying duplicates (yes, it is annoying for customers t see couple of times the same product in different colors) and polish them well – you will not try to put as many as possible, but to make just those 10 the best to search by a customer (hopefully 🙂 ).
  • The Starter plan never expires, can be changed only if:
    • you make enough sales,
    • you don’t get complaints from your customers and fulfil formalities on time,
    • you offer is presented well and in a customer friendly from,
    • you pay attention to all visual aspects of the offer and your shop.
  • After you reach these goals, you may get an offer for paid subscriptions within which you will get a chance to decrease your commission rate by selling more. It is done to keep your motivated to constant improvement and adjustents to the market. Once you achive certain level of sales, you commission rate will be fixed.

Don’t compete with quantity but the quality of your products and offer! Be the first one to shine and establish your position on a growing project!

So to apply on HANDIEU you simply have to go to the website here, fill in the application form, choose the plan, confirm it with “PROCEED” button and… wait for HANDIEU’s feedback! 😀 If you are not sure wheather your project will fit HANDIEU consult on our Facebook Group – European Handmade Crafters.

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