Why to learn with me
and specialists I cooperate with?

The main problem I see for years that specialists focus on one topic, give you advice like that was the only thing that you do in your business… Then you may feel overwhelmed – so much to do to be successful. And so many people have already given up their dreams because of it…

I want to show you a different direction, in which as an entrepreneur, you connect many puzzles together, make it smart, efficient and with a long-term perspective – that should be your goal once you start a business!

I studied International Business, Management in Transport & Logistics, Management in Human Resources, Tourism & Recreation. I used to work for international corporates, premium brands, in B2B, when I had the pleasure to meet and inspire myself from many successful entrepreneurs. I traveled a lot, have many international friends.

I analyse, connect different fields into a great concept of HANDIEU. But I want to share it with you, so you can make your own small business something greater that will protect your family for years! So let’s start!

eBook full of bullet points to inspire you!

Need to have some more personal approach?

I believe in personal approach very much. I met many people in the last months and sometimes it is a matter of 1-2 meetings so you get the direction and are able to create your business plan faster!

Check also my upcoming Webinars!

Webinars are more efficient way to study because you have a contact with a mentor but also gain from questions of the group that is attending! You can gain many new inspirations for your own business and of course, learn new things from a different perspective!