Connecting business puzzles with you!

I am Aga Marecka, an expert in relations & energy – looking at them in every aspect of our lives and business.

During my studies and work experiences, I have learned a lot in many different areas: business, finance, economics, politics, psychology, marketing, sales, international relations, diplomacy, tourism, logistics, lobbying and even law… I was consulting many web3 and startup impact projects on their marketing & business strategies, mentoring students and creators.

I decided to connect them to build a meaningful business concept – HANDIEU which I hope will get a chance to grow as more people turn towards this collaborative direction.

Meanwhile, my path pushed me towards energy, healing and ancient wisdom which I explored for a few thousands of hours and I still learn! I extracted the essence for the creative purposes and started “Energy Design” courses to share with more people how to create more beneficial energy in art pieces.

Thank you for joining my journey and just get inspired!

eBook full of bullet points to inspire you!

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Webinars are more efficient way to study because you have a contact with a mentor but also gain from questions of the group that is attending! You can gain many new inspirations for your own business and of course, learn new things from a different perspective!