Treat my articles as inspiration. Think about how my suggestions might work in your context. The handicraft market is very wide. My observations are generalized and will not necessarily be true in every case.

Today, let’s focus on Facebook groups but you may find an inspiration to all your activities online and in real life. It will probably be the first of many topics related to social media, because they are currently very advanced and offer a lot of possibilities to promote yourself and to sell ?

To effectively promote yourself and your product on each group you need to use the right communication adjusted to the recipients or rather members of this particular group.


You are certainly working in different groups and that is actually the first step – going out to the community with your product. It takes courage! So be proud of yourself ? At this point, it doesn’t matter if you write there as you or as your shop. Let’s focus here solely on what and how to write.


The intention of creating groups on FB is to focus the community around a topic. Therefore, there are groups where you can advertise your product and/or shop, but not on all of them… For example our group European Handmade Crafters was created to exchange experiences, learn how to sell more effectively and co-create the European platform. So you will not find there customers who are willingly coming there to find a product. There are only handcrafters like you 🙂 That’s why it’s good to invest time and check before you post anything what the specific group is all about.


Groups on FB are nothing more than a certain reflection of our real life, with the difference that they have a global reach and people are more anonymous than in real life.

This time I will refer to sociology and psychology a bit ? To express myself as good as possible let’s use our everyday life example.

Think what groups of people do you have around you? The first will be your family, then friends from school, friends from the interest club, colleagues from work, members of yoga classes, other parents, members of the housing community, etc. I’m sure that you talk to each group about something else and in a different way. You kind of play a different role in each of these groups, so you communicate with them differently. This does not mean that you are “losing authenticity” or that you are “fake”. This is due to the fact that in each group (although not necessarily written) there are certain rules to which its’ members are committed.

This is also the case on Facebook. The rules of any group are visible before joining, so that everyone can see if he fits in and can follow their communication standards.

Unfortunately, people tend to follow the crowd. They see what others do and they will do it, too. They do not think if it makes sense and if it is actually efficient. But as you are reading it it means you want to learn and do things better. So I recommend you to take a pause for a moment and think of how you can best express your interest in each specific group.

a) I really adore when you write some short stories or ask the community for their opinion by uploading your posts on “buy / sell” groups. This is a great way to engage with the community, so keep it up – the product description itself and its price may be perceived as “aggressive selling”. Saying that, adding a price at the end of the post also sometimes helps the customer to determine if he can afford the product. It will save your energy on answering private messages which goes something like “ohh, it is sooo expensive?!” ?‍♀️

b) On groups that serve educational purpose (such as ours) you are dealing with people who like you are handicrafters. Although, yes – they could be your potential customers, they came to this particular group for another reason and seeing “selling advertisements” may discourage them. However, if you share your experiences with others, ask them some questions, look for someone to cooperate with, they will see you as a professional.

Most likely, someone will see your post where you share your story, thoughts, ideas and think “ooo, great woman / man! And she makes beautiful XXX hmm… I’m just looking for a gift for YYY. Maybe I will order from her, it will be original ? ”. Or someone of their friends, when asked if they know someone who does this or that craft, they will say, “You know, I have a nice girl / guy in a group who is doing it! I’ll send you a link soon. ” Quite possible, right?

c) Regarding all the other groups, think about what people there want to hear, what do they want to see? For example, let’s say you are also in a group for mothers. What are they talking about? What kind of informations are they sharing, maybe telling their own stories, asking for advice, adding photos of e.g. their child?! And look what an opportunity, as long as you don’t have a problem with the privacy of your child and depending on what you do – you might want to post your macramé in background / the child wears your clothes / holds your toy / you sit at your coffee table, etc. Once you get people’s trust and symphaty, I’m sure people will start asking you “where did you get it from?” And then you will be proud to say that you did it yourself! 😀 This is the joy! 😉

In summary, by being in the right role and communicating in the expected way in a given group, you can achieve the most. You show that you are a professional, and thus you attract customers and people who will recommend you further ?

Of course, you build your brand for some time. It will not necessarily happen immediately after the first post. It is a long-term process, but at some point you will see that people will come to you on their own or from recommendation of someone. Your company will grow and you will be glad you met so many wonderful people along the way ?

And I wish you all that feeling! ❤️


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