About me

Connecting business puzzles with you!

I am Aga Marecka, an expert in relations – looking at them in every aspect of our lives and business.

During my studies and work experiences, I have learned a lot in many different areas: business, finance, economics, politics, psychology, marketing, sales, international relations, dyplomacy, tourism, logistics, lobbying and even law…

I decided to connect them to build a meaningful business concept – HANDIEU. But meanwhile, I would like to share with you what I have learned so you can make your own picture YOURSELF and be proud of a long-term prepared business and life!

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In business you need to see a wider scope! Not only from one side or specialist!

My dear handcrafters say…

We met few months ago and many of you have already shared beautiful and motivating words to me <3 Thank you and I hope to give more valuable content to you! 🙂

“Thank you for people like Aga: enterprising, passionate , showing initiative and collecting sensitive people like me, a bit clumsy and lost in the world of social media, marketing, still having trouble getting to people,  self-confidence and their own creative possibilities…”


Manu Propria

“I am happy to have this possibility to learn so much! Yes! Because I have realized that before I was making all possible mistakes while preparing my business… Even if it still requires some time to develop, I know where I am going with it, I improve step by step and I have a feeling that it was the best choice to join HANDIEU project from the very beginning :)”

Anna & Piotr

Punch Crochet

“I though I know something about SEO but the way Aga has explained it made me realize that I was actually making many mistakes with my online shop!

Everything was introduced in a very easy to understand form, with many examples and so logical! I can’t wait for more!”


Bosco Atelier