eBook: From idea to handicrafts business + Bonus


By buying this eBook you contribute to develop our first community-based European platform HANDIEU and you gain many useful tips!

What is so great about this eBook?

  • Presenting business approach
  • Made with customer‘s perspective
  • Clear stucture with points
  • Many inspirations to organize your vision
  • Examples with solutions to implement

+ Bonus where you can draw and write your thoughts on a template!

+ In extended version – Trends & inspirations to find your niche!


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“Agnieszka has opened my eyes to so many mistakes that I was making…”


The first eBook of Aga Marecka from HANDIEU – a visionary who decided to unite Europe with handcrafts and her passion for people. 

“This eBook first was supposed to summarize what I have shared already on blog but when I have started I couldn’t stop to analyze all the observations that I made meanwhile and add them. In the end, I decided to make a very intense knowledge base with points. I love to learn this way myself and I hope that this structure will be helpful for more people.” Aga Marecka


No wasting time on endless chapters – short, clear, to the point, with many inspirations!


The eBook is organized in 10 main subjects. Each of them includes:

  • my observations with possible customers points of view,
  • main problems
  • and solutions to implement

In total 40 cases! After that you get clear steps how to prepare your plan and some inspirations from other handcrafters’ stories.

Table of contents:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Product
  3. Need
  4. Receiver and Customer
  5. Competition and Unique Value
  6. Brand Creation and Values
  7. Price and Costs Calculation
  8. Sales & Marketing
  9. Formalities and Risks
  10. Ideas for Development

Number of pages: 50 pages (I didn’t do it on purpose :D)


A presentation that you can adapt or print and work on to organize your inspirations from the eBook, including all the important issues from a business plan perspective. Fully editable so you can use it as you prefer – on your computer or print it and write on it.

Trends & inspirations:

Great source of inspirations what kind of products and niches have the best prospects! Especially important when you are lost, not sure what you want to make or doing something with a big competiotion and need to find your unique value – which can be your niche! 🙂

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English, Polish


eBook + Bonus, eBook + Bonus + Trends


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