Creative ideas flourish best in a shop which preserves some spirit of fun. Nobody is in business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business.

Leo Burnett

Xuxa Handmade is a brand created originally by two friends – Zuza and Anna. For the moment Anna had to step back a bit but Zuza is moving the project forward creating new pieces and trying new things on social media as well!

If you want to know better their whole story, look at our article on HANDIEU about how the brand was created and who are the girls behind!

And here let’s focus on examples from a business perspective that Zuza is constantly implementing.

First example

Zuza is a person of many passions, she loves to create different crafts – from dreamcatchers to kids accessories and collectible dolls. Under one brand it is hard to make this clear image but her pictures and presentation are so consistant that you don’t feel like it is a big of a problem.

Zuza’s dolls are her greatest joy and favourite crafts.

However, I spoke recently to Zuza and I shared with her my impressions about her brand – everything about happiness and joy. When I look at her creations that is what I see. I could also mention “fun” for the products dediacted to children. And I already see this clear picture of it – it can be simply put in words for communication purposes 🙂

Dreamcatcher are one of her home decor creations.

Second example

Pricing of her creations seems a bit of a struggle. As for many of you. However, there are possibilities to make a price range that will give a customer a choice. In Xuxa Handmade it was about making smaller sizes of some products. In fact the small version of her bunny backpack was made after I have ordered it myself and I realized that it was too big for my toddler. And so she created a mini backpack which seems to address even wider group of receivers and with more affordable price.

As you can see, with a trick of smaller size you can reach new potential customers.

Third example

What I also observe with a great joy on her social media are videos. I know myself how big challenge it is to make a video of yourself and that is why I admire it even more when I see you doing it! And so will your customers. Especially, if like Zuza you will make some funny videos as well 🙂

And she was an inspiration for me as well on this matter 🙂 So soon you will see some of my videos – including those dedicated to you! 🙂

Fourth exapmle

She also has impressed me when she called me saying she would like to tell and show others how to make better photos. This is a great value of a person – willingness to share your experience! It also helps you build your own image, strenghen your personal brand and help you meet more people! 🙂

What lessons to learn from Zuza’s story?

  1. When you have multiply crafts or recipients try to find something that connects your products together! That can be a little detail, presentation or simply the value of your brand! Just give your customers a clear picture of your brand so they don’t feel confused.
  2. Diversify your offer so it can be addressed to wider audience with a more affordable price rage.
  3. Show yourself on your social media – let others get to know you, see what kind of person you are!
  4. Build your personal brand – everywhere! You never know what and where will happen and your personal brand will remain yours!

Make something nice to Zuza, follow Xuxa Handmade on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂

Check more of their creations on HANDIEU!


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