Treat my articles as inspiration. Think about how my suggestions might work in your context. The handicraft market is very wide. My observations are generalized and will not necessarily be true in every case.

This is the first topic that I also created in video and podcast and I dedicate it to perfectionism. The inspiration for this topic came out, when I had been preparing for this step for about two months. And I didn’t have a good microphone, and these were webcams, and there was always something popping up to postpone that first step. Fortunately, we managed to break through the group with our first webinars and interviews – thank you again to Zuza and Paweł for the company! And I confirm that it is much easier and more pleasant to take such first steps with someone than to fight alone ?

Watch the video about this topic in English on YouTube!

And for podcasts you can listen here:

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Listen to “Perfectionism – How to find the balance?” on Spreaker.

Before we begin, I would like to make some rules when reading or listening to my articles or videos. First of all, leave an open mind – don’t take everything as the greatest truth or reject it without thinking – analyze for yourself what you hear, whether from me or someone else. Try to see results in the long term. Be inspired, try to bring out what may be right for you. Remember that only you have all the puzzles of your puzzle and only you can put them together! I don’t want all of you to suddenly go in exactly the same direction, behind the crowd, and find your way and thus achieve success! But we will develop it further ?

How does perfectionism look like?

Why? Usually we have an idea first. Euphoria and excitement arise in us that we came up with our business plan. Then we start looking at what is on the market, we watch someone run their Instagram, how many fans they have, what product variations they already create, etc. We see what we would like to do in our business, we explore the area further, and we start to realize that creating, for example, such a profile is a continuous work on photos, content, videos, etc. We notice that, for example, we will achieve a better effect with a different camera or a special processing program. And so we start listing all the problems, obstacles and excuses why we can’t get started, or put them on our list of conditions to be met. And so the topic is either waiting to be implemented or we submit it at all. The most persistent ones only start ticking off points from the list and building them up step by step. These are the people who actually succeed afterwards.

Where does perfectionism lead us?

In my opinion, it all starts with our critical attitude towards ourselves and our work. While perfectionism, through its name referring to perfection, is seen mainly as an advantage, unfortunately it also has its other end. Personally, my assumption is that there is nothing purely good or bad. We have many shades of gray, which, depending on various factors, fall more into white or black. Being perfectionists, we see every detail that is not perfect, we focus on it, trying to refine the work at all costs. As a result, we sit in one place for hours and days, because something still holds us. This, in turn, causes us to lower our self-esteem, and to drill down on the same topic for many days to no avail simply causes demotivation and frustration. And these, in turn, lead us to surrender very easily.

Where is the balance, since we know that before going out wider, you have to prepare a plan?

Exactly. You must have a plan, delve into some areas of activity, analyze the situation. We do not throw ourselves into business thoughtlessly, but we try to prepare. However, discovering one by one how many elements our puzzle really consists of, how much work has to be put into its preparation, we often give up on the way. Perfectionism prompts us to analyze every detail, constantly correct and change. Let us consider, however, whether all the details really have to be perfect from the very beginning, whether they are sometimes the product of our imagination or criticism of ourselves, and whether sometimes they cannot be improved simply in the course of our actions.

How was it with HANDIEU?

And so I can tell you a little about how HANDIEU was created. I’ve always been a perfectionist too, putting pressure on myself to be the best at what I do. First there was an idea, great excitement, I wanted to throw myself into it almost overnight, I couldn’t sleep thinking about what and how to do it. And then I went to Poland for Christmas, I decided to give myself a moment to think, calm my enthusiasm, analyze everything well. After returning, I continued to figure out all the puzzles in my head. I knew that with my limited budget, I wouldn’t be able to do everything at once. First, I started my own website, I created the regulations myself, I found out about all formalities in a foreign country and language. In sequence. It took a long time anyway, but I had to set myself the limit of perfection, because I would probably never take off. And those who have been with me from the beginning, when I created this group, know and have seen how many obstacles, problems, changes in plans I have made in the meantime. And I wouldn’t be able to adapt them if I didn’t check my plan in real life. I would not see the next puzzle and the design would not have that great added value that you also brought! And thank you very much for that!

How do we find this balance?

My first step was to go out of my way and look at what I already have, what needs to be done, what functions to be able to work. Just. Without emotions, I try to look objectively along the way. If there is a problem, I look for solutions. And if something upsets me, I go for a walk to cool off, to look for a distance. Then I analyze myself and think about what can be done better, or how to get out of a difficult situation at the moment. My intuition also plays a part in this. And each of you has it. A gut feeling that tells us, for example, that this is not the moment, or after the analysis, it comes to us that it is all there and the problem is simply to take action.

And how does it look like in your case? Let others know what solutions do you have and make others inspired!

Have a great day!


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