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Today we’ll talk about Facebook groups. I have already written something about it and I remember that many people benefited from it, but as our group grows, a reminder in the form of a movie will probably be useful … So let’s go! ?

Listen to “How to sell efficiently on Facebook groups? [ HANDIEU PRO ]” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Jak efektywnie sprzedawać rękodzieło na grupach na Facebooku?” on Spreaker.

At the beginning I would like to point out that you should remember some rules. Whatever you hear from me or someone else – leave an open mind, analyze for yourself looking at a long-term perspective, be inspired and adapt to your own plans. Put your own puzzles together, because only you have all the pieces of your puzzle!

What are Facebook groups?

Facebook groups, like any other group from the point of view of e.g. sociology, gather people with certain common features, views, interests, goals.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that there is a lot of anonymity on the Internet, and people are focused only on meeting their needs, they do not pay attention to what is ok and what is not, and they just follow the crowd by uploading their works.

What could we compare Facebook groups to?

In fact, to every other social group in our lives. Let’s say we have a group of people in a book club that we visit once a week at our local cultural center.

A new person is coming to our group and what? He takes out his book saying how great it is and that they can buy it at such and such a price, please contact me privately.

And in a better case, this person will stay for a while to answer questions about the book to interested people, because maybe it will interest someone after all.

But let’s imagine that the person initiated the topic and then left, leaving the club members discussing for themselves…

How do you feel about this situation? Does it remind you of anything?

Of course, there are Facebook groups that are basically posting their offers. Then I kind of understand. We have, say, a fair where anyone interested can buy or sell. And it will be ok.

Although I would also consider the form and whether there are actually buyers at this event, or rather exhibitors themselves.

Let’s imagine a fair.

In my career, I have been to many fairs and industry exhibitions. Some of them were more successful, others less so. Also, not all of them had many potential customers. And then what?

The sellers walked with each other and, on the one hand, observed what and how others were doing, establishing contacts for potential other collaborations. They didn’t sit there passively, but neither did they intensely rebuke their position – it didn’t even make sense. Instead, they got out of their boxes and talked to others.

What if a potential customer appears? Of course, each of them wanted to attract such customer to their stand in various ways.

But let’s put ourselves in the position of a potential customer who enters the fair and hears from all sides to join him. Of course, it depends on the person, but many people react with withdrawal. He is looking for a quiet place to just look around, and if he does not find one, he will probably look for a way out of such an event.

Why are we still posting?

On the one hand, we just follow the crowd. Since others are doing it, it’s probably the best way, and so should I. Unfortunately.

On the other hand, it gives you the feeling of doing something, something much safe because everyone is doing it. You won’t blame yourself for doing nothing, right?

However, this is not an entrepreneurial approach. So let’s analyze it from this angle.

Do groups make any sales sense at all?

As a complement to your activities, yes. As the only source of customers, I absolutely advise against it. When running a business, you cannot depend on just one sales channel, which in addition does not belong to us, but to a global giant, which can cut you off from all customers in a few minutes.

If we treat groups as a source of inspiration, contacts, and an additional promotion channel, it’s important that we also do it skillfully and effectively.

How to acquire clients on groups?

If we decide to use this promotion or sales channel:

Think about how you behave as a customer!

Do you like to be spammed with messages? How many newsletter offers that come to you do you open? How many are you actually buying from?

If someone bombards you with his offer, do you want to buy from him or it pushes you away, because you know that even if you ask about something, you will be overwhelmed by a mass of e-mails?

I have been following many groups for over a year as a client. You don’t know how many people I have already blocked, because they were too intrusive, they posted everywhere, and I was fed up. And more than once I liked the product, but the person totally alienated me.

I am convinced that you also have your own shopping habits, that something also appeals to you more than others. When creating your content, think like writing to yourself or a specific person. I am curious to what conclusions you will come to ?

Read the group’s rules and follow them!

Each group has a set of rules that define certain rules of what is welcome and what is not. Let me refer to the example of a group in a church. Imagine a screaming dude running into the church or a girl wearing a bathing suit walking in.

You will not have to wait long for the reaction – such behavior or clothing is not appropriate in such a place, there are certain rules here.

And so on the groups on FB, the administrator created the group with a certain intention. You are entering the group that he has created, so adjust your messages to it.

If the question arises, how should I comprehend all my groups by looking at their regulations, I would consider whether sometimes the quantity has obscured you with quality, which in the case of handicraft business is even crucial to consider.

Share valuable content with the group

Be yourself, people, not sellers. You are joining a group so please share something of value with them. Even if there is your potential competition in the group, think about it as creating your personal brand – whether you like it or not, while being on the Internet you create it. And personally, I believe that the world is moving in a direction where each of us will be (in fact already is) such a personal brand and we will sell ourselves.

I would like to add that when commenting on the work of others, remember that people remember. If you feel something unpleasant on your lips and you would like to write it, stop for a moment, maybe go for a walk, come back and only then decide whether and how to write something. You never know where you will meet your potential client, you don’t know who you can alienate yourself, and unfortunately people more often talk about people they would not recommend than people they would recommend.

What are the other benefits of this approach?

  • Less forced posts and time spent on uploading,
  • more effective content,
  • lots of cool and new contacts with potential for long-term cooperation,
  • more positive energy and joy from creating on these terrible social media ?

I believe that giving can be made much more than taking. Think about it when posting your next posts to groups, but also in everyday life.

I leave you with these thoughts, let me know and we stay in touch!

Have a nice day!


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