Do you want your HANDIEU store to be even more transparent and orderly, and your customers can easily find what they are looking for ?! Certainly yes! So I invite you to create your first variable product in your store, which will be for sure very helpful for you 🙂

In the previous article (here) we went through the process of introducing a product to the store … but today it’s time for the next level of initiation – variable product! 🙂

You might ask: What is it really different from a simple product? As the name suggests, a simple product is simple 😀 The customer sees only one possible variant of the product, which he can immediately add to the basket. And this is what it looks like from your customer’s perspective:

A simple product, of course, works very well as long as you create unique things that do not have many options to choose, like size, color, etc… But what if you create, for example, clothes? After all, you can sew them in several sizes, often also in different colors! Creating a separate product for each size in your store would be pointless! Apart from the enormous time-consuming aspect of such work, throwing in a few almost IDENTICAL products would clutter your shop terribly … In such cases, VARIABLE PRODUCT works perfect!

So how does it look like to set up such a variable product?

As in the case of a simple product, here you also need to remember to set up:

  • product name
  • product’s main photo + additional photos in the product gallery
  • the category in which your product will appear on the HANDIEU platform
  • a short description of the product (the customer sees this description right next to the main photo)
  • a longer description of the product, along with its specification, materials used in production, maintenance method, etc.

Then you can choose the status / availability of the product (is it available immediately or custom made?), the method of product delivery (here you provide the dimensions of the product and the time needed to prepare the product, counted from the date of placing the order to shipment), up-sells and cross-sells products – I have described all these issues in more detail in this article. 🙂

When you choose “Variable Product” instead of “Simple Product” please remember that the price which was on the top will disappear, BUT don’t be afraid – the price will show again in all of the available variations.

And there’s only one more thing left to set, the real icing on the cake … that is, creating a product variations!

To do this, we first need to select the attributes used for the variations that the customer will then be able to select in the purchasing process. So let’s choose the “size” attribute, and within it, 3 available versions – small, medium and large. Importantly, we must remember to check the “use as variation” option to use this attribute to differentiate our product.

To make it more interesting, we will add one more attribute – the color. So we will be selling our product in different colors and sizes… Now let’s think if both of these attributes will affect the price of our product?… NO! The price will vary depending on the size of the product, but the color will not have any effect on it … So we will only make 3 product variants – only changing the “size” attribute and leaving the color as “Any color …”! We do not recommend creating all available variations 🙂

Remember that for each variation you need to set up the selling price separately 🙂

There is also an option to enter information together for all variations – just select “Variations Bulk Options”, where in addition to creating all possible variations, we can also choose one regular and promotional price for all variations, and set the stock of our product.

And this is how our variable product will be seen by the customer:

And if you now want to start selling on HANDIEU platform, please register here:

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