Treat my articles as inspiration. Think about how my suggestions might work in your context. The handicraft market is very wide. My observations are generalized and will not necessarily be right in every case.

My biggest issue in the area of ​​handmade products was the fact that I consider them premium products, and as we know and perhaps already feel, a bigger crisis is coming and it will be difficult to sell such products. Yes, it will be harder, but it will not be impossible ? I have a plan on how to promote you, but I would also like to give you some suggestions to adapt to the changes on the market.

Should we fight with the price in a crisis to sell something?

And yes and no, and the best answer will be “it depends” ? You have to observe your sales and assess whether the promotions will actually help. Remember, however, that by making too much discount, you show that you have overestimated the valuation of your work, which may not be well received. This industry is specific and comparing yourself directly to mass-market stores where promotions are the order of the day will not necessarily help. Well, unless your target customer are mass store customers – then obviously, the promotions will attract them ?

Also remember about the consequences for the entire market. By getting customers used to lower prices, you will also lose as an entire industry, and I don’t think that is your aim…

So what to do in a crisis to continue selling successfully?

I personally suggest that you consider your range of products. While before probably everything was sold, now people will probably limit their purchases to:

1. Everyday products or simply useful

2. Gift products

I have a mystery with some decorative products. On the one hand, those that can be given, for example, as a gift, or will be a decorative element of a new children’s room, in my opinion have the greatest potential. Also, if you have any decorations in your portfolio, I would try to communicate to customers looking for gifts, but not necessarily those who want to decorate their apartments. Of course, not everyone will feel this crisis the same, there will be people who will still keep their jobs and may still buy such things. However, there may be fewer of them than before and you need to prepare for it.

An interesting solution can be 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 products if possible. Consider whether any of your products, after adding an element, could not fulfill any other useful function. The awareness that the product can serve us in various ways and will not only be a beautiful decoration, can greatly support your sales.

For example, I was looking at wooden cake molds. A unique product, but also a very niche. Therefore, it will be bought by people related to confectionery or true enthusiasts. But to reach a wider audience, you could try to make a cutting board or cake tray on the one hand and have this cake mold on the other. Probably the recipient will not use the form so often, but he will be happy to present other cakes or cheeses on it (here in Belgium or France, cheese boards are very popular, so I am also quoting it as an inspiration ?), boasting about the multifunctionality of his new acquisition.

What if I can’t apply the extra utility of the product too much?

You can still focus on the niches you want to reach and create products for them. We then think about the recipient, because he or she is supposed to use such a product, get it from your customer. Who is he and what is his passion? Such a person does not have to be a fan of handicrafts to get them and be delighted. So how do you do it? Create products that they will not be able to resist because they refer to their passion! : D For example, someone can be a football fan, collecting pigs (my partner is a farmer, so I know something about it 😛 ) or have everything in flowers… Here the possibilities are endless, as there are many people and passions 🙂

As an example, I will give you my friend and her husband ? I talked to her about my project and she told me that she is not a fan of handicrafts herself, that it associates to her with something old-fashioned (but of course she will support me and will be my first client ?). However, I am sure that if they found something with Star Wars*, kittens or a toy for their dog, they would buy it with delight and change their mind 😛 You simply cannot resist your passion 🙂

What about old-fashioned? I look at your works and I don’t have that feeling. Of course, some products may refer to tradition and they also have their target group. However, many works are created according to the current trends and a new direction in handicrafts is developing. Therefore, I assume that there is a group of people who do not know the “new” face of handmade products. Our task will be to convince them that this is a fantastic gift idea 🙂

So try to give as much usability as possible to your customers and recipients and match their passions. In this way, despite the crisis, you will be able to continue to develop ? and when the situation calms down, you will be able to develop other product ranges as well. Good luck!

*Star Wars as a licenced motive should not be used by you. It is simply an example of passion 🙂

Have a great day!


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